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Amazon Bestseller!

The best little vagina book you've ever read.  23 States and counting...

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People LOVE their Vaginas- Soap, Water, and Sunshine!

Praise for This is How you Vagina

"Gynecologist Williams separates women’s health fact from fiction in her information-packed debut.... Women of all ages will appreciate the wisdom on offer."
-- Publishers Weekly

"This is How You Vagina is an excellent combination of history, science and real talk from your bestie. Dr. Williams delivers tons of information in an approachable way that will leave you giggling while you are also learning all about your bits.” 

-- Searah Deysach, Owner of Early to Bed, Chicago, IL

“Yes, we've lived with our vaginas for our entire lives, but I'm sure most women only have a cursory amount of knowledge about them. Dr. Nicole Williams seeks to - and successfully - expands our knowledge of "vajayjays" (and lays out the case why not to call it that). This is not a "textbook" read, rather it's written with wit, logic and is easy to understand.

She dispels "trendy" vaginal treatments, and myths about what's "good" and "bad" for the vagina. Most importantly, once you have a better knowledge of this body part, you're equipped to treat it properly. Frankly, I think it's a book parents should have their daughters read as they begin puberty.”

-- Adrianna Hopkins

Emmy-winning News anchor, Washington, DC

"This book is a gem! The tips and tricks that Dr. Nicole Williams shares are incredibly helpful for women at any stage of life. Her insightful and thoughtful approach combined with scientifically based facts gives you the tools you need to take your health into your hands."

-- Hannah Matluck, Founder of The V Hive

“This is How You Vagina presents a fresh approach to vaginal health education. Full of anecdotes from Dr. Williams, historical factoids and relatable medical knowledge, it makes for an easy and informative read. I would absolutely recommend this for my patients as a source for high quality women’s health information.”

-- Kiarra King MD, FACOG. 

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