The History, Mystery, and Majesty of the most Fascinating Organ

In This is How You Vagina, Gynecologist Dr. Nicole E. Williams presents readers with a much-needed education on the history, function, science, and attitudes about the most fascinating and misunderstood part of the female anatomy: the vagina. She covers valuable information about sexual function, childbirth, and physiology and provides answers to her patients’ (and probably your) most asked questions. She matter-of-factly dispels the most common myths and misinformation concerning female genitalia, including:

  • No, your vagina doesn’t need steaming,

  • Those panty liners are unnecessary—your vagina needs to breathe

  • It’s actually perfectly normal for your vagina to have an odor—consider it your personal brand

This book is an easy-to-understand guide, complete with illustrations, for women to explore and understand their vaginas in a way they never have before. You will learn what's normal and what's not, including that, yes, yours is most certainly normal too.
This is How You Vagina is essential reading for any woman who is looking to better understand the form and function of this most majestic and fascinating organ.

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